Sherrie Francis [HHS]

Lilac Assisted Living was exactly what I was searching for. My elderly parents needed different levels of care, and were both cognitive to know they did not want a standard institutional nursing home. The owner Misha Anup is a Nurse with a heart for the elderly, compassion for the sick, and a Mom and Daughter who knows how hard it is for the family to make this decision. The home in Eagle Springs is beautiful, with all the necessary upgrades for wheelchairs and walkers. The perfect location for you to visit your family member, with a park & a covered picnic area across the street to enjoy the afternoon together, or watch the squirrels from a comfy chair in the backyard. You will know you made the right decision when, everytime you walk in, the house smells like home cooked food and your family member has their feet up in a theatre-worthy recliner. It is truly a 'home' where your parent will feel loved and have every need catered to. Extra room is set aside for games, crafts, private meal. Moving into Lilac Assisted Living took a huge burden off our family, and everything made easier by Misha, who arranged for a home health care nurse to come in once a week, and found that our insurance would pay for Occupational and Physical therapy, right in the home. The best place for your family member, where they don't feel as though they are a burden to you, and they have a beautiful new home to live in, as independently as they are able. Lilac Assisted Living was an answer to prayer.

Eric Gomez

A wonderful assisted living in Eagle Springs! The owner is caring and compassionate and the home is beautiful.

Sandy Yares

My father spent the last two months of life at Lilac Assisted Living. The caregivers were proficient, caring and professional and truly tailored his care to his specific needs. This is a true home, with a maximum of six residents. It looks, feels, and smells like home. The smell of home cooked meals permeates the kitchen and they are well balanced with the residents tastes in mind. As my father's health declined, Misha and her staff worked with our family and hospice to ensure he received the best of care. Misha is on call and readily available to residents, staff and her caregivers. She is the definition of a professional, caring nurse. When my daughter and her three small children came from out of town to visit , they were welcomed by the staff and made to feel at home also. Paris, one of the caregivers, made them all dinner one evening when we weren't comfortable leaving my father. Meatloaf, potatoes, peas and cake. When I thanked her she said they were here to take care of all of us. And they truly do.

I heartily recommend this home for anyone who needs assisted living. They are superb .

Grace Young

I think that care homes usually have a bad rep but I have nothing but WONDERFUL things to say about Lilac Assisted Living. The owner, Misha, and her family are some of the most compassionate people I have ever met. Her husband and kids and help out so the residents truly all feel at home. Misha is also a registered nurse that is amazing at care coordination. My dad was bed bound for months and they not only helped heal his pressure ulcers from the old facility but they faithfully turned him every 2 hours so he never acquired any new ones during his stay there. The caregivers all truly just love the residents. Misha has a great relationship with the owners of Porter Family Pharmacy and Grace Hospice so my dad never had any med issues and Grace Hospice team was amazing. My dad always called it his home and he loved it...especially the great home cooked meals they always made for him. He was always surrounded by love. I still keep in touch with them because they all have truly become my family.

If anyone has been on the fence about finding a facility for their loved one please check out Lilac Assisted Living. You won't regret it and your loved one will receive the best of care in a home they can call their own.